Early Mornings

Back to the daily grind today. Started at 6.30am at a new field with about 100 other people including our own. Completed 6 rows today – new personal best! Yay!! I don’t think I’ll be able to get any better than that!

Thank you all for wondering where I have been the last few days, I’ve been enjoying some much needed time off watching Netflix, catching up with my friends and having a few beers with my boyfriend.


Day 5/88…

Woke up at 4.30am, packed, got ready to head back to the backpackers and I knew I was forgetting something. Thinking it was my work runners, went back to get them and off we went. It wasn’t until I got there I realised I forgot my towels. My freaking TOWELS! Only way I could make this work today was to not get myself muddy and I did it! It was near to impossible but I made it work (ugh, I sound so disgusting, haha).

Exactly what I was thinking at 5am this morning πŸ˜‚

Rainy day…

I guess I was wishing too much for a day off and instead we got a Monday morning full of planting with heavy rain. Not a great mix to be honest.

Planted 1,000 strawberry plants in about 2-3 hours. Absolutely terrible! My body just wanted to rest and with Winter settling in soon (a cold 18c mind you), I just wasn’t feeling it today to be honest.

Luckily for me, I did get to go home today. Washed all my muddy clothes (looked like I was 16 playing rugby again!), food shopping, went to our regular Monday night quiz (won a bottle of wine) and soak in a lush bath (much needed).

Work again tomorrow. Bring on a day off!

Jen Xx

The relief…Β 

Everybody who is staying here is going through the same physical and mental strains as everyone else.

Today was 3/88 and everyone was feeling sore. We all sympathise with looks, pats on the back as not everyone is fluent in English. We just know.

We are all trying to rally together to have a day off tomorrow and that means going home for a night or two for me. So happy!!

Jen Xx

Day 2/88…

My body has gotten used the physical work a little already. Completed 4 rows in 4 hours – which isn’t bad. Towards the end my back started playing up from being hunched over most of the morning. The pay is terrible to be honest – $15 per row. Each row has approximately 400-500 plants. Some places pay more but it depends on how difficult the manual labour is. The picture below is me about halfway through the row.

Time to just chill out for the rest of the day and let my body recover.

Jen Xx

Day 1/88…

As you know from my previous post, I decided to stay at home last night. I’m happy that I can go home and relax a few nights a week.

Anyway, this morning started at 5.30am for myself. Arrived at the backpackers around 6ish and got straight into it. We were cutting the strawberry plants today. It entails cutting away the bad part of the plant and getting rid of any debris that accumulated around it. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is clearing lying. It’s tough work – roughly about 1000 squats (can’t wait to be toned!), walking roughly about 3km back and forth and your whole body is aching. It’s not only physical but mentally draining so be prepared to bring headphones and an amazing playlist to get you through.

Returned to the backpackers at roughly 1pm. Never been so excited to see my bed πŸ˜‚ I think I’ll need a spa day at the end of this!

Jen Xx

Very little sleep…

Last night I got very little sleep. Not sure if it was the sound of the wind picking up the air pockets of the corrugated roof or just the unfamiliar surroundings I am in now. But copious amounts of coffee were needed!

Luckily for all of us here, today was a day off. Spent the afternoon throwing a frisbee around in a sandstorm, listening to Ed Sheeran with the handful of us Europeans.

Looking forward to going home for the night, catching up on Survivor (Michaela to win) & Real Housewives of New York (my favourite) and a proper shower (without having to worry about what animal/reptile might scurry underneath).

Let’s see how work goes tomorrow!

Jen Xx