4 Days to go…

So as the title of this blog says, I haveΒ 4 days to go until I begin my regional work in South East, Queensland.

I’ve decided to start this blog to look back on a once in a lifetime experience. I’m going to try and update this blog everyday so I can share with you how I’m feeling, what I’ve done and people who are wanting to come to Australia, to see what this is like. As far as I’m aware, I’ll be picking passionfruit (yum!).

Let me tell you a bit about myself at the moment…

I currently live with my boyfriend in suburban Brisbane. As you probably know now, I’m Irish and my boyfriend is from New Zealand. So this is not your usual “backpackers” tale.

You maybe be asking… hell yes I’m going to miss him heaps for the 88 days (roughly 3 1/2 months) but we are only going to be about an 1 hour drive from each other and make the time on our days off to see each other.

I’ll leave you with this stunning image I took a few weeks ago outside our house.

Jen Xx



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