3 Days to go…

3 days to go and I haven’t done anything except write the list down below! I’m definitely procrastinating. The last time I procrastinated I was back in school and decided to dye my hair rather than do my homework – yes I was that bad (Sorry Mom & Dad)!

I’m wondering what the other girls I’m sharing a dorm with are like, where are they from, are they as messy as me, do they have the same appreciation to Beyoncé as I have etc. You know the serious questions! Well I’ll find out soon enough.

I might go pack now or more than likely wait until Monday morning! If this was a holiday I would have packed a week in advance (like I have the last 4 times this year). Right time to go off and make some banana bread, clean unnecessary things in the house and maybe have a nap 😉

Jen Xx



4 thoughts on “3 Days to go…

  1. Geraldine says:

    Awesome Jen hope the packing has been done and you can enjoy the weekend. Will be thinking of you on Monday and hope all goes well
    With much love Geraldine cxx

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