Day 1/88…

As you know from my previous post, I decided to stay at home last night. I’m happy that I can go home and relax a few nights a week.

Anyway, this morning started at 5.30am for myself. Arrived at the backpackers around 6ish and got straight into it. We were cutting the strawberry plants today. It entails cutting away the bad part of the plant and getting rid of any debris that accumulated around it. Anyone who tells you it’s easy is clearing lying. It’s tough work – roughly about 1000 squats (can’t wait to be toned!), walking roughly about 3km back and forth and your whole body is aching. It’s not only physical but mentally draining so be prepared to bring headphones and an amazing playlist to get you through.

Returned to the backpackers at roughly 1pm. Never been so excited to see my bed 😂 I think I’ll need a spa day at the end of this!

Jen Xx


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