Welcome to my crib…

So… so far it’s been pretty successful. Β  Finally met with management here, paid and starting work tomorrow! Finally!!

I have my own little “cabin” (score!), own fridge, desk (just because) and finally bottom bunk! As you can tell from the picture below, it’s a sweet set up 😜 I know you’re probably telling yourself that a suite at the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai has nothing on this and you are in fact correct 🀣

But on a serious note, it’s good to be here and knowing I’m starting my 88 days tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Jen Xx


About last night…

Arrived just before 8pm at the new backpackers as it’s not too far from where I’m currently living at the moment.

Just to set the scene, 8pm in the countryside, Australia is very eerie (to me anyway) as you don’t know what is insect/lizard/animal or whatever could be lurking.

So, anyway we arrived – previously to this I had been in contact with the person who works for the hostel. This person told me that the lady who runs the place knows that I’m arriving etc. However not one person from management was around. Text and called the number a couple of times – no answer. Luckily we saw someone who is staying there but she said that the management weren’t there and would be back in an hour. Not a chance I want to hang around here for an hour. Especially at night.

On our way back to the car, the boyfriend told me not to look down. I froze and asked why – I’m almost panicking right now. Got into the car and he told me that there was a snake near me. Almost hyperventilated in the car right there and if you know me I’m so terrified of snakes.

Today 3/5

Still no answer from the people who I was in contact with so far. We’ll drive up today and try again.

But for now here is a cute picture of Bully & Theo πŸ’–

This is ending…

So after spending a week in the hostel with no further updates on farm work, I must now look elsewhere for my 88 days.

I will miss the people here, everybody has been so warm and welcoming. But here’s to starting it in another area.

It is very frustrating going from place to place looking for this work. Everyone is competing against each other for spots on the farm which isn’t usually guaranteed.

Jen Xx

Stressful times…

Going from other people who are working / have worked on their regional work, I still have enough time to complete my 88 days. Unfortunately my brain doesn’t work like that and I like to finish things early so I don’t have to worry. Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it?

In happier news, I got to spend lots of time at the beach today as well as spending time with my wonderful boyfriend. We went for dinner (still so full from it!) and he reassured me about the stress of waiting around for the work. Thank you again x

Jen Xx


Today was the day I had a wander around my new surroundings. This little town reminds me of somewhere on the coast of France with so many quaint little cafes and shops over looking the river.

Another quiet day impatiently waiting on farm work to begin (there’s a waiting list). At least I’m not the only one feeling this way but we can’t do anything until the farmers need us.

A girl who started her picking today, told me that the farmer she is working for only really wants to have Asians working there. It feels like massive set back for us Europeans and other Nationalities who are able/willing/wanting to do the work. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about it.

Jen Xx

Waiting around…

The waiting of the regional work has some perks such as going to the beach everyday. Like I had the great opportunity of doing today ☺️ It certainly has perked up my spirits somewhat (with the help of coffee).

I have also been lucky enough to meet a couple that were previously at the other farm that I was working at. I definitely don’t feel as alone as I was yesterday.

The day isn’t quite over and I feel a bit more comfortable than I have been so far. I’m just totally out of my comfort zone.

It starts here…

It’s been such an emotional day so far.

Staying in a dorm with 7 other girls and not knowing 1 person is tough. I already miss my boyfriend, air con and just general privacy.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it in time. I’m looking forward to starting work so I can work towards finishing these 88 days and go back to my nice home with all my creature comforts.

Jen Xx